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Picture Frame of a Wannabe Athlete

by robcastellani — last modified 2007-08-09 11:53
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Or think! A middle aged man in lycra!

I will be completely honest with you, but lately I haven't exactly been jumping out of my skin. Nor have I had the wish to write lately and you should understand why.

Yes, I've been in the grip of the" training effect."...  Training and  more training  that has been the my mantra,...,committed and focused that's how I have been . Work harder and harder , go faster and faster ,train and become stronger and stronger  (I  hope)  There will be an abundant harvest this year.....Oh I'ts so alluring,so captivating .......Do you want some of this??????

On a shelf at home I have a picture frame in full view;It lies empty for me to see.It's empty because it's waiting, waiting to be filled, filled with a result of a completed Melbourne to Warrnambool race.I will see my name there on the result sheet.

Yet fellow riders I see more and more how difficult it is and the great sacrifices it takes not only to train continuously but also to manage a normal life. I guess sometimes I underestimate things and also the follow on effects they have .It has to be all 100% doesn't it?All the little compartments of our lives 100% .....But is it? It can't be! To be Involved in the lives of a growing in a  family, and high pressure job, keeping committments, social engagements and schedules , training ,taining ,training  Arrrrrhhh - the energy levels are low from push bike riding when the needs in real life are high:when spouse and children are around and you're not there......well sort of there.(more coffe more coffee)

It's a struggle - I'm not paid to be an athlete yet I still do my kms.honestly and without gripe. I ride when it rains, when it blows like a bitch and dark.( it's so dark now that I can't see a thing;)   . Yes a work ethic second to none - hmmmmmm a very workmanlike approach to road riding, not at all inconsistent  very measured,very middle aged  - put your money away and when you one day need it you can withdraw.Capito Ragazzo.

So next time you pass a middle aged dude he may be at E3 and you may be at E1 you may giggle and laugh at his effort. Spare a kind thought.....there's more that meets the eye -  So What do you think of them apples?

Ciao Bello    Tanti Baci


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