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Oh my God! It's blown up!

I don't know why amateurs are so derided - I don't mind being called an amateur: well I am certainly one when it comes to bike riding. Amateur is borrowed from the French, it is someone who is a lover of ......... something.

For we Rouleurs a lot of blood, sweat and tears goes in to even being considered amateurs.Even from where I sit now I haveexperienced many  highs and lows. Question? Why bother going on when things don't look so rosy. What does it for you? What does it for us? Is it the passion ??? the passion that  burns  for what we love to do? What drives us when the body can't and the mind is in a no- go- zone?

I'll tell you where I am heading with this: I'm hurt! I've injured my right knee......It's blown up. I had a big week last week at work and play. With Casey Racey on Saturday;  Sunday rode to the Dandenongs from my place - Springvale Road, Cabterbury Road, The Basin and so on. Monday work day ride, Tuesday work day ride again  and then 1 and a half hour ergo at home. Wednesday night 80 k's down Beach Road. Thursday felt sore - day off. Saw Physio on Friday he  said "Take it easy ". . He recommended time off the bike - 3 weeks. He told me to make Voltaren my friend. I said I didn't want to. He told me that it was going to take time to heal and not to put the knee under load.He said I could permanently injure myself. I felt like a fool. I knew all this.

And so this is where I stand,  now training at half volume. for my own good! - this can jeopardise my campaign - the campaign that I started in March, that came through fog, wind and wet days;  yes ,freezing mornings and dark slippery roads at night. "Take it easy!....... or you could develop a full blown case of tendonitis" still freaks me you know. Ouch !!

It was good to wallow for a day or so, but I re-grouped during the week. I checked my cleats - checked their alignment. I swapped to a compact crank so as to spin faster and  not  load  the old knees too much. I've checked the seat height. I've done everything possible me thinks!

Well, yes everything that an amateur would and can do. So I forge ahead, roll on with this disappointment, learn from this  Padwan- as long as" la passione" is still there ragazzo -  keep going !!!after all there's plenty of time.

Arriverdeci Amici

Prega per me.

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