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A seat for a king.

by robcastellani — last modified 2007-07-05 03:37
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It's that elusive sweet spot!

Selle Italia, San Marco, Fizik and Specialized, how many bike saddle companies are there and how many seat fashions are there? How many seat positions? How many varieties are there - all of this does matter to me because lately it adds up to one enormous dilemma and also a massive pain in backside!

You know, all the spin is very convincing, buy the anatomic seats they're the ones that are the most mindful of the nether region (the ones with the cut out)! Yes the variety is enormous and yes everyone is different but why is it so difficult to find one that suits?

How frustrating is it to buy a saddle and hope that it will be as comfortable as the trusted old and discover that it's not, and to wriggle and to move forward and back, forward and back so many times that there are wear patches on the aboc knicks - it's that sweet spot that elusive sweet spot on the saddle that supports the glutes on the long rides.  There's more spin, Specialized have a measuring pad that one that measures your sit bones your iscias tuberosities (I think) and then from the measurements they suggest a suitable saddle. Are you convinced? Hmmmmm?

I have a friend who has a cupboard of saddles at home all in there original boxes. All of which he has tried but don't suit him. All different, from gel to leather - but get this he settled on a Selle Italia in full carbon fibre, a seat that is as inflexible as a restaurant plate and at 78 grams says that it's the most comfortbale seat he has ridden on.....

I just don't get it!

I feel your pain

Posted by Dino Apolito at 2007-07-05 08:47
Roberto, I think I would just about pay as much for a comfortable saddle as I would for a bike. I too have a garage full of discarded saddles. I've give up trying to find a comfortable one. I've learned to tolerate the discomfort. Sad but true.

If you sit they will come!

Posted by nathanlarkin at 2007-07-07 05:15
I have found at least 2 saddles i find comfortable and it has taken many years. I have also finaly found a helmet i find comfortable and fits EXACTLY the way i like. You must persist my paduan learner and you find the correct one.

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