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Thank You!

by Dino Apolito last modified 2007-08-22 00:48

Thanks everyone for all your best wishes

Lately it seems all blog entries by me or about me are about crashes! I can only hope things will improve and I can start blogging about fun stuff like cycling and winning races.

A big thank you to everyone for all your kind words and thoughts over the past week. I've had emails, phone calls, text messages and home visits from concerned and supportive friends.

A special mention and thank you to Carl for looking after me at the crash site and for trying to keep my spirits high since. I now have the perfect excuse to not laugh at his jokes!

Rich and Bev looked after my bike and car and Bev has been calling almost daily to make sure I'm OK. Sue Dundas (BBN secretary) went miles out of her way on Saturday to come and collect Emily and take her to Siemans so she wouldn't miss out . Much appreciated!

I'm off the morphine tablets and have just started taking plain old Panadeine Forte which aren't nearly as good. I'm taking ibuprofen as well. For the most part the pain is under control provided I don't move quickly, sneeze, cough, talk or breathe. Conversely I'm supposed to take deep breaths and cough occasionally as shallow breathing from broken ribs can lead to pneumonia. Sleep time is the worse. It's almost impossible to find a comfortable position and when I do drift off to sleep I wake up a couple of hours later so stiff and sore it is impossible to move or roll over. I end up waking Ann who helps me move.

I have another doctor's appointment on Monday. Depending on who I speak to it can take 6 weeks to 6 months to fully recover from broken ribs. Stuff that. I hope to start gentle riding on the wind trainer next week and am aiming to be there at the start of the summer track season. I'll be way under prepared but I'll be there.

Again, thanks to everyone who has contacted me.


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